About Us

The Elevated Minds Recording Studio is a division of Elevated Minds Music Group offering a wide variety of services to the Entertainment Industry. 

Elevated Minds Recording Studio was the first division to be established and is the backbone of our company.  With the main design built to house Elevated Minds Artist and Independent Musicians Abroad, it's studio was built for personal experience unrivalled by others.  Located in Metairie, suburbs of New Orleans, the studio was completed in 2004, with the studio recording several local artist, most artist praised the design and concept of the studio, Former LSU Quarterback Herb Tyler states "it's a very professionally run studio" .  The Team at Elevated Minds Recording Studio designed and built the Recording Studio according to their artist demands.

Unfortunately after Hurricane Katrina, Elevated Minds Recording Studio suffered 80% damage to the recording equipment and sound structure.  We closed Elevated Minds Recording Studio's Metairie location with the intention on building a new and better Recording Studio in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area.  We are in the planning stages of building a new Recording Studio with the capacity to accommodate the independent music and film sectors of entertainment. You can stay informed about our developments via our website.