One of the most versatile and complete emcees ever to emerge from the southern region, Lyrikill has a goal to redefine southern hip-hop. "The minstrel show is over--the chains and shackles are off, so its time to stop behaving like slaves," said the 25 year old southern nomad. After growing up in rural North Louisiana, Lyrikill spent time in Houston, Dallas, and current home New Orleans.

"I'm not one dimensional, like my people know how to irrigate land and farm, so if the revolution really pops off, I can survive. Nevertheless, I can still get it on in the corporate jungle too." he also has family and friends in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Washington D.C. These days, he is penning classic manuscripts to uplift his misguided brethren and bring more positive and creative hip-hop to a light. "Your regions music is a reflection on the people and of those people. When the people start to believe that they're ignorant and hopeless--the eventually become that way. The New South Movement is about putting our art and culture back in the hands of the people who care about it and aren't just out to make a dollar. They can't just come to our hoods, put crack and guns in them and leave to go back to their safe homes. We cannot accept that in our music either." Lyrikill has graced stages alongside Dilated Peoples, Zion I, Camp Lo, Heiroglyphics, Living Legends, and Jurassic 5 among others. His Euphonetiks crew has achieved notoriety through the release of mixtapes and a debut album which received good rating from various magazine and internet sites. He is prepping collaborations with Murs, Brother Ali, Cunninlynguists, and Planet Asia, while working on his solo album "The Canvas" and the Euphonetiks' sophomore release "the Louisiana Purchase."