Embassy can be defined as an ambassador and their diplomatic staff.  Kyron Hunter (Wisechyld), Johnny Mayes (Ronin), Adrain Hayes (Trane) make up the trio Embassi, an appropriate title for 3 men bringing a new style and sound to the hip-hop scene, ambassadors of a new era.

It's hard to deny the classic jazz influences found throughout the trio's tracks.  An occurrence that's unavoidable due to Wisechyld and Trane's history.  Growing up on the Westbank of New Orleans the friends were exposed to a culture rich in musical tradition.  Embassi's third and final member was introduced to the group in 2000 while attending Dillard University.  Ronin came to New Orleans by way of Houston, Texas another city saturated with sounds of various cultures.  The three instantly connected and Embassi was born.  The group gained notoriety by their frequent appearance on various mixtapes that circulated throughout the city.  The demand for the group intensified and they were able to put their own mixtape entitled "Kold Fusion" and featuring one of the top DJ's (J-Storm) in the world.

All three members absorbed and appreciated at a young age the style of jazz, the soul of blues, the heart of reggae, and the truth of hip-hop.  Combining heavy bass lines with melodic overtones, Embassi is able to spin these influences into a lyrical web that seduces the listener and captures their attention.  The outfit strays from the more modern stereotypes of today's "gangster" rap for a more genuine and insightful spin on black culture and the often times dark picture of the urban jungle, reminiscent of the classic era of rap epitomized by OutKast and A Tribe called Quest.
Embassi first album entitled "Tidals of a Soundwave" is expected to be an underground hit with its unique and different sounds.  The trio is signed to Elevated Minds Music Group based in New Orleans.  With their masterfully spun lyrics and polished cutting edge production, Wisechyld, Ronin, and Trane, the ambassadors of Embassi, will surely be a driving force with the Regional Hip-Hop Scene.
-Rachel Schneider