It's Official Lyrikill's Eupham Label
signs with Elevated Minds Music Group


Elevated Minds Music Group announced Monday that it has signed Lyrikill and his label Eupham to the label.
Lyrikill was pretty excited and upbeat about the agreement stating that "I respect the staff and vision of Elevated Minds and that's why I am glad to be apart of it."  "Lyrikill stated, also that he feels like music today has changed and he wants to take it back to the very first Outkast, Common, De La Soul and others that made music about the struggle."
Lyrikill plans on releasing the "The Canvas" soon somewhere around April or May, and has been in the studio working diligently - working to complete "The Canvas", a new promotional CD "The Canvas" should hit the streets soon "The Classikill" with some of Lyrikills classic joints - Lyrikill wants this album to be a classic hip-hop album such as the Nas "Ill Matic".
"I plan to bring it back to where hip-hop was meant to be and that in the soul" he stated.